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Dodo's Scripts Collection

Scripts CollectionScripts Collection

These are my linkware scripts. I also have some scripts on sale at extras section. If you enjoy my scripts, please don't forget to rate them!

ALWAYS get the latest updated version of the scripts because they contain fixes to bugs DUH. Here are the scripts arranged in a descending order based on their last updated dates.

- dodoupload 2015-03-12
- dodosrangen 2015-03-12
- dodosquiz 2015-03-12
- dodosnmimage 2015-03-12
- dodosmail 2015-03-12
- dodosimgsort 2015-03-12
- dodosgallery 2015-03-12

DodoUpload Version 1.3 (PHP)DodoUpload Version 1.3 (PHP)

- This script is partly inspired by - a used to be free image hosting service. I love the convenience they offered. Back then they don't require you to sign up. You can just browse and upload any image files. They will also rename your file if the name of your file already existed.

This all ended when they started to require registration and payment. I wrote this script so I can use my own server that way they used to offer. My script has all the functionalities they have and more. Yet it's very simple to install and use.

- Simple in both installation and usage.
- Upload one or many files at the same time.
- Sort your upload files by filenames, size or last update time either ascendingly or descendingly.
- Automatically renames the file if it has the same name as an existing file.
- Customizable interface.
- Customizable maximum upload size allowed.
- Check all option for delete checkboxs (see demo)
- Customizable number of files listed per page.
- You may choose if you want to list the files by pages or show them all.
- Delete confirmation
- Upload to the directory you specify
- Allow you to indicate whether you wish to overwrite the old file or not
- Last updated on 2015-03-12

Example Demonstration (user: demo pass: test) | Readme | Download (141805) | Rate

Dodo's Image Sort Version 1.0 (PHP)Dodo's Image Sort Version 1.0 (PHP)

- This script makes sorting images based on their width or height easier. It works especially well for cliques/adoptions pages.

- automatically detects your images' width and height
- automatically writes html code for you
- sort by width or height
- sort in an ascending or descending order
- use it to sort images with link & text or without
- use it as many times as you wish in a file
- include the function file only once
- Last updated on 2015-03-12

Example click | Readme | Download (130147) | Rate

Dodo's Quiz Script Version 1.1 (PHP)Dodo's Quiz Script Version 1.1 (PHP)

- This script is written for those who love making online quizzes. I want to make your life easier by writing you a php script.

- Make a regular or math or how well do you know something quiz
- Easy to implement
- Make as many quizzes as you want with only one script
- You may call your quizzes by a variable input: dodosquiz.php?n=1
- No more cheating by viewing html code like the javascript quiz
- Three types of calculation. Use the one that works the best for you!
- You may include your own header.php and footer.php to make your quizzes' layouts consistent with the rest of your website.
- Get optional email notification when someone takes your quiz
- Works with PHP 5
- Last updated on 2015-03-12

Example 1 | 2 | 3 | Readme | Download (149049) | Rate

No Margin Image Pop up Version 2.05 (PHP)No Margin Image Pop up Version 2.05 (PHP)

- I wrote this script because I wanted something that will allow me to call up many pop up windows that doesn't have margins for IMAGES for my digital camera page. With this script, you no longer need to write html for every single image in order to make them show up in popup without margins. I hope it will be useful for you all =)

- Combined it with highlight, shake, gradual-highlight and autocenter javascript!
- Call the script from any directories with any images in any directories
- Pictures with different sizes will not be caught in the same popup window
- No need to put width or height of your image or the thumbnail, the script detects those automatically now.
- Everything is put into a function, call the popup in ONE LINE of code
- Great for php lovers & camera or gallery sites
- Link the popup with either a description or a thumbnail
- Last updated on 2015-03-12

Example click | Readme | Download (131300) | Rate

Simple Gallery Script Version 1.0 (PHP)Simple Gallery Script Version 1.0 (PHP)

- This script is meant for small gallery (less than 100 files). This is an index file which you can upload to your directory full of images. With this file you may view those images as gallery with ease and you don't need to edit this file if you delete or add more images to your directory.

- Include all or either gif, jpg, or png files
- No need to edit it if you add/delete files from your directory
- Shows the total number of files
- Customizable number of links shown
- Customizable header, footer, css
- Last updated on 2015-03-12

Example click | Readme | Download (135375) | Rate

DodosMail Version 2.5 (PHP)DodosMail Version 2.5 (PHP)

- DodosMail is an easy-to-install PHP email script for everyone. Just upload the php file, write a simple form code and you are ready to let your visitors send email to you via a webbased form!

- Checks sender's email address for validity
- Allow secure way of handling your personal email address
- Add as many customized fields as you want
- Also send you sender's info such as ip, computer name, page referer for reference
- Allow either print output or redirect to a page after mail sent successfully
- Allow an auto response mail sent to your sender
- Added functions in version 2.0+
- Allows you specify a php header and footer file
- Backward compatible with older version setting
- An improved email checking function
- Compatible with checkboxes
- Demo to show you how to use DodosMail with a long multi-page form
- Compatible with register_globals off
- Secured from header injection
- Supports captcha spam protection technique
- Last updated on 2015-03-12

Example regular | php version | long form | captcha | Readme | Download (140662) | Rate

Dodos RanGen Version 1.0 (PHP)Dodos RanGen Version 1.0 (PHP)

- This is a php random generator script that may generate random links, images, numbers or anything you want.

- You pick the number of random entries you want to show up at a time
- You may set priority for whatever you want to generate
- You may fully customize the random element
- Combine it with any javascripts
- Call it anywhere with a simple inclusion
- Last updated on 2015-03-12

Example click | Readme | Download (130664) | Rate