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Dodo's Scripts Collection


Dodo's script collection contains all scripts she's written in her web design years. Most of these are linkware and some are to be sold. You may also find tutorials, code snippets and links to other php related places here. Please feel free to browse around. If you like dodo's scripts, please don't forget to rate them. Thanks!

Quick Links:
- DodoUpload Version 1.3
- Dodos Image Sort Script Version 1.0
- Dodos Quiz Script Version 1.1
- No Margin Image Pop up Version 2.0
- Simple Gallery Script Version 1.0
- DodosMail Version 2.5
- Dodos RanGen Script Version 1.0

Quick Tools:
- Dodo's Frame Generator
- Dodo's HTML Encoder
- Dodo's Background CSS Generator
- Dodo's Time Calculator

Support for these scripts are very limited because of my busy school and work schedule. I apologize for that but I will spend as much time in improving these scripts as possible. Thank you for your understanding. I'm a poor student so donation is very much appreciated.


April 01, 2008
I got so many emails lately about dodosquiz no longer works with PHP5. I finally found some time to fix it. It should work now. Please download the new version and test it out.

Februray 26, 2008
YAY! released my first jQuery plugin: tableRowCheckboxToggle

April 12, 2007
DodosMail Update: Fixed the issue with gmail by removing \r in headers. Read this blog entry for more info.

November 23, 2006
Added captcha spam protection support to DodosMail and it's now version 2.5. I highly recommend you upgrade your old scripts for better security. To upgrade, simply replace your old dodosmail.php with the new one. If you want to use the new captcha feature, check the readme.txt and captchaTest.php.

Feburary 26, 2006
New tool: Dodo's Time Calculator. It sums up times in hh:mm:ss formats.

December 02, 2005
Upgraded dodosmail to 2.1 after securing it for header injection. Read more about PHP mail header injection.

September 19, 2005
Upgraded dodosmail to 2.0.1 to allow it to work with global register off setting.

August 30, 2005
Added a new css background generator here.

July 01, 2005
DodoUpload v1.3 released. Changed HTTP AUTHENTICATION to cookie login. Beautified page number function and fixed a few bugs. Check out the new version.

March 03, 2005
DodoUpload v1.2 released. Check out the new version. It now allows you to indicate whether you want to overwrite your old file(s) or not.

Feburary 20, 2005
DodosMail has been upgraded to version 2.0. Please download the newest version, it contains new features and bug fixes.

December 29, 2004
A new version of dodoupload is released. Now you may upload multiple files with this script!

August 08, 2004
How to get user screen's width and height with PHP?

June 27, 2004
What is an inverse color and how to obtain one?

June 27, 2004
Released DodoUpload 1.0, check it out!

June 10, 2004
Added a new tutorial about how to find out date that's N days from another date.

July 18, 2003
Added couple more tutorials and improved the ones I had before. Go see.

July 15, 2003
Version 2.05 released for Dodo's No Margin POPUP Script. It's now combined with this autocenter popup window script. You may turn it on if you wish to use it.

July 03, 2003
Fixed an important bug in Dodos Image Sort Script. It now makes sure images with the same width or height get displayed properly.

February 11, 2003
New script released!! Dodos Image Sort Script is written especially for cliques/adoptions pages. It automatically detects your images' width and height and sort them according to your need.

February 6, 2003
Please try out my HTML Encoder!

February 4, 2003
Minor fix on dodosquiz script concerning white spaces in your answers array. You should update your copy.

February 1, 2003
Added .htaccess Password Protection with PHP tutorial.